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Microsoft Brings iPod Competition?

January 26, 2006

That's right. My Web browsing caused me to stumble on some interesting news. The news floating around Rumorville is that Microsoft might release their competition to the iPod. What? Where? When?

I can't tell you. I have no idea.

Apple is doing its darndest to stay on top of the mp3 player industry and I have to say, they're doing a fine job of that. I mean, heck, I wouldn't mind to be in Steve Jobs' shoes right now. What, with all of the hype surrounding the Intel-based computers, the Nano, the Mini...the list goes on.

I doubt a little mp3 player from Microsoft will shake, rattle and roll this iPod nation. According to ipodnn.com, "Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has been quoted as saying that consumers would like a more varied choice of devices rather than the "limited" selection from Apple." Sure. Variety is good.

But haven't there been various mp3 players released since the inception of the iPod? Do we hear about them very often? Not so much. But ok, they're not Microsoft which is no name to shy away from. Still, I wonder how this will pan out.

Yes, I'm a firm believer in my iPod. I will always be a fan of the iPod. Someday, I hope to own twelve (at least, when I finally fill up the one I already have).

Hopefully we'll hear more of this Microsoft gadget soon enough.

PS - Yes, the blog is back.

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