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More Steroids

October 19, 2005

No. Once again, this is not a drug post, but yet another reference to 'WiFi on Steroids'.

Somehow, I feel this is not new news - WiMAX is growing quickly. If you've scanned the WiMAX news, you'd be hard pressed for an argument otherwise. But I'm no analyst. I'm but a mere blogger.

Still, I've refrained from calling it WiFi on steroids, just because I'm a non-conformist. I like to think of it as Super WiFi, or the WiFi: The Mutate. I mean, let's take Spider-Man for example. Just an ordinary man who mutates into a super human with spider-like powers. So, natch, WiFi is simply that -- a wireless technology that has transmorgrified into something more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Perhaps I've had too much coffee this afternoon and you're not seeing my point (more's the pity) but call it whatever you want. It is the next big thing.

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