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Odd News for the Mac Fan

March 6, 2006

You're a fan of him because he pioneered the Mac revolution. You love your iMac/PowerBook/G5/G4/iPod. And what the hey....Steve Jobs is a cool guy, no?

For every fan, there is always something. Oh admit it -- you knew how to be a Madonna-be in the early 80's and you certainly knew how to rock that hair, a la Flock of Seagulls.

Well, now you can really take your fandom to the next level and dress like your favorite Mac leader, Steve Jobs.

stevesoutfit.com, a brand new website, gives the public an inside into Mr. Jobs' closet, from his St. Croix shirt to his New Balance sneakers.

Made you click! Now which color of the St. Croix mock turtleneck do you wear?

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