Improve Business Productivity with these Unique Hosted VoIP Features

Denise D'Arienzo : Business Communications in the Cloud
Denise D'Arienzo

Improve Business Productivity with these Unique Hosted VoIP Features

productivity.pngBusiness VoIP providers can offer high quality service and unlimited calling plans, but some also throw in some pretty unique features to help increase productivity in - and out - of the workplace.

Check out some of these advanced business features that will help your business work smarter!

1. Find Me/Follow Me
Stepped away from the office for a bit?  No worries. With features like Find Me/Follow Me, you'll never have to miss a call again.  Your phone number can be forwarded to any phone, any time, anywhere.

2. Virtual Receptionist
Don't tie up your employees with answering calls not meant for them. Having to field calls and then find the appropriate person to transfer them to can be time consuming and add unnecessary work. With Virtual Receptionist, you can let a customized auto attendant answer and route all your calls!

3. Call Recording
If you have employees who spend a great deal on the phone providing customer service, call recording can really help.  This feature lets you listen in on your employee’s customer calls so you can monitor performance and get valuable feedback from your customers.

4. Virtual Phone Numbers
Do you have customers in other states - or other countries even?  With a local virtual phone number, you can give the appearance that you are right there locally with them.  Create a virtual presence even where you have no physical presence.