Winter Weather? No problem for Hosted PBX Solutions.

Denise D'Arienzo : Business Communications in the Cloud
Denise D'Arienzo

Winter Weather? No problem for Hosted PBX Solutions.

frozen phone.jpgIf you're having the bitter cold weather we're experiencing here in the Northeast, then you know that winter can cause a variety of problems in our every day lives. But the harsh weather can affect more than just traffic and an unpleasant environment.

Business owners who haven't migrated to the cloud yet can experience choppy call quality and even snapped phone cables!  In addition, employee productivity may decrease as people opt to stay home, rather than commute to the office.

However, a hosted PBX system can eliminate these issues.

Bad call quality means poor service - and that's a problem for any business.  With a hosted PBX system, not only will the call quality be immaculate, but the equipment is all located off premises, with your service provider, so you can rest easy knowing that experienced engineers and technicians will make sure your phone systems are running at optimum functionality.  And no snapped lines!

A hosted PBX will also allow will also let employees to work from their home, or on their mobile phone while still being connected to the same business telephone system. With advanced features like find me/follow me, auto attendant, call transfer, and conferencing, employees can avoid the harsh weather and unsafe roads and stay home (or head South!)  With a hosted PBX phone system, like the one offered by Net2Phone Office,  it's business as usual, no matter where you are.