Jump Into the Communications Solutions Reseller Market

Denise D'Arienzo : Business Communications in the Cloud
Denise D'Arienzo

Jump Into the Communications Solutions Reseller Market

partner brochure cover image.jpgBy now, cutting-edge cloud communications innovations like Business VoIP and Hosted PBX should be part of your everyday vernacular, since these best-in-class technologies are revolutionizing the business sector. Case in point, Frost & Sullivan predicts that the Business VoIP market is expected to grow by 22.5% by 2019. 

So with such auspicious growth ahead, how can you get a piece of the action if you’re not a player in the cloud communications solutions market? 

Thankfully, the ubiquity of reseller, agent and VAR partnerships has allowed all individuals to capture a slice of this market pie, no matter their experience level and no matter the customer type. Net2Phone allows its partners to generate income by offering the highest commissions on sales of a product that is in the top of it's class!

Take a look at the Top Reasons To Sell Hosted VoIP:

1. Business Customers Want to Save Money

At the end of the day, every dollar counts. Businesses are looking to offload cost-exorbitant CAPEX/OPEX spend and, as a result, are casting their eyes toward Hosted VoIP. From the call center that needs call forwarding capabilities to the startup company that needs Find Me/Follow Me to provide a bigger presence, Hosted VoIP offers a wealth of value add for companies across the different verticals.

Perhaps most importantly, the technology affords businesses the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of VoIP without being saddled down by its expenses. By offering Hosted VoIP, you enable your customers to enjoy:

  • Lowered Cost of Ownership: A typical phone system could cost $25,000 or more; but with hosted VoIP, end users can save from day one by not having to invest in costly systems or keep up with maintenance upgrades. Net2Phone, the largest distributor-based VoIP provider in the world, for instance, routes millions of minutes daily over data networks, offering incredible savings to consumers and businesses worldwide.

  • Seamless Integration: The last thing companies want to grapple with when they invest in a new technology is integration and implementation challenges. And many shudder at the thought of having to do a total rip and replace of legacy equipment. When you sell Net2Phone Office Hosted VoIP to your customers, though, the solution can seamlessly integrate into your customers’ existing network infrastructures, using the same bandwidth for both Internet and phone service.

  • Competitive Rates: A major advantage of hosted VoIP is that it allows customers to enjoy enterprise-like features while still taking advantage of competitive rates with their business phone system. Net2Phone Office customers can save up to 70% on their business phone services thanks to a full-featured cloud phone system. They can also enjoy unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada plus 20 international destinations for just $19.99 a month, versus PSTN lines that typically charge at least double that price.


2. Flexibility and Scalability Matter

In today’s competitive landscape, business needs change on the fly. For instance, a fledgling company can enjoy massive success seemingly overnight, fueling the need for a more robust phone office system. Similarly, a public company that has previously enjoyed a lucrative era can be rocked by macro trends, causing its stock to plummet considerably and its technological needs to shift.

In other words, flexibility matters. 

With Net2Phone Office, you can offer business customers:

  • Month-to-month plans, meaning customers will not get locked into long-term contracts or binding commitments.
  • Unlimited calling plans for only $19.99, enabling customers to save as they scale their businesses both domestically and internationally.
  • No setup or cancellation fees, meaning customers have the flexibility to grow and downsize without repercussion.
  • No minimum or maximum requirements. The pay-as-you-grow model allows customers to sign up with as little as one extension and add more extensions as needed.
  • Customers can choose from a myriad of big business features from virtual phone numbers to customized voice recordings to voicemail/email integration, depending on their business needs. 

3. Business Customers Want a One-Stop Shop

Research shows that a majority of organizations are turning to their existing vendors to help them source an all-in-one solution. In other words, companies want firms that can supply and centrally manage the entire end-to-end portfolio. By offering Hosted VoIP, you can leverage the existing billing relationship you have with your clients by layering voice on top of the services you already provide.

Customers can use you for the majority of their telecom and communications’ needs, from originating and terminating their calls to bolstering their customer service thanks to Net2Phone Office’s heightened functionalities like call forwarding, speed dial and Find Me/Follow Me. Customers that can source all their telecom needs with one vendor enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • A trusted relationship with their vendor
  • Seamless integration
  • Short deployment time

Offering hosted VoIP will not only save your customers money, but it will also put dollars in your wallet. Your existing customers are your ticket to start earning recurring revenue on the largest part of the communications solution—the dial tone. 

Check the partner programs offered by Net2Phone Office to learn more about how you can generate a new source of recurring revenue by selling Hosted VoIP services.