The Rise of the Remote Worker

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Denise D'Arienzo

The Rise of the Remote Worker

working from beach.jpgWorking remote, telecommuting, work-from-home, or whatever you want to call it, is on the rise.  34 million Americans are working at least occasionally from home today. And according to new Forrester Research, this number will jump to 63 million by 2016!

Of course we know the benefits to an employee who is able to work from home (or the beach) - less money on transportation, clothes, child care etc.  And we know that there are benefits to the employers as well - increased employee productivity, enhanced morale, longer hours logged, etc.  

But here's the REAL bonus to companies: Business can still run smoothly and appear to come from one location with the advanced features of a Hosted PBX phone service.  A Hosted Voice Service, like that of Net2Phone Office, easily connects multiple locations and remote workers to reduce costs and enhance collaboration.

1. Hosted VoIP removes the need to install, maintain, and manage the phone systems at each location.

2. Hosted voice can tie all remote employees together with your main office on a single network, under the same main phone number. 

3. All employees, no matter where they’re working, have access to the same calling and messaging features through the hosted voice service, including extension dialing and conferencing.

4. All calls between remote locations and the main facility are on the same network eliminating long distance charges.

5. A Hosted VoIP service includes call management and call routing, which can forward incoming calls made to a business number to any other number - including mobiles.

How's the remote workforce progressing in your company? With new technologies like a Hosted VoIP Phone Service from Net2Phone Office - you can enhance productivity, improve collaboration, AND reduce costs.  Combine all of your remote workers and office locations under one network and never miss a call.  With Net2Phone Office, it's business as usual!


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