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Small Business Telecom Fraud

April 26, 2006
Whether your small business is ready to upgrade to VoIP today or not you should be aware of the fact that phone systems are still being hacked at an alarming rate. This article details the situation in Canada which of course is not limited to this country.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Plummeting long-distance phone rates and free calls via VoIP still haven't removed the economic incentives for voicemail hacking, also referred to as "phreaking" by industry insiders, to make free long-distance calls.

SMB companies with PBX/switchboard systems are typically the targets for this type of fraud, although residential customers are also victimized with some frequency, says Jim Johannsson, spokesman for Vancouver-based carrier Telus. "Average losses per event are about $7,000," says Johannsson, adding that losses can be higher depending on how quickly the fraud is detected.

Telus' Corporate Security Fraud Management Centre uses telco-specific pattern analysis software to detect and investigate abnormal calling patterns, and contacts customers when fraud is suspected. According to Telus estimates, the centre saved its customers a total of $1.5 million in 2005.

Once again, even if you don’t think you need to focus on your phone system, you do. With all the buying activity in the small business market, it is likely your competition is looking at a VoIP system for their office. This could potentially put you at a disadvantage.

The question is, when you realize you can upgrade your system and reduce risk and save money at the same time, upgrading to VoIP becomes a no brainer.

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