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Bandspeed Serves SMBs

June 8, 2006
Bandspeed is targeting SMBs with their new WiFi telephony offering consisting of access points and phones.

Voice-over-Wi-Fi will be a major driving application for Wi-Fi networks. Infonetics Research reports that 72 percent of companies plan to deploy this critical application by 2009. Deploying any real-time application can create a performance crisis for the Wi-Fi network, and by adding voice to an already broken Wi-Fi network, users will experience poor call quality and dropped calls. Unless robust, automated, and cost-effective solutions to Wi-Fi management are deployed in advance of these services, voice-over-Wi-Fi market adoption will not realize its market potential.

It is certainly good to see new companies entering the WiFi telephony space. In my opinion there is going to be more and more growth in this space as companies realize that every enterprise will be sending voice over their WiFi networks.

Even dual mode phones that work on the cellular networks will also use the WiFi network.

One of the challenges in WiFi telephony is ensuring the voice is sent and received with optimal quality.

It is great that vendors are addressing this issue.

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