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Business VoIP's Rapid Growth

March 26, 2006

According to this recent report from Juniper Research:

These are staggering growth numbers for VoIP and when you add consumer and wireless VoIP into the mix you can plainly see how large the VoIP market will be. VoIP seems to be one of the fastest growing tech markets around and is generating profit for many and savings for others.

Interestingly these research report bullets don't touch on the enhanced services that potentially come with VoIP. In my opinion this market has as much potential as pure transport. If you find killer applications, people will pay.

We aren't sure what they are today but I think anything that keeps companies communicating more effectively -- a term I call Just in Time Communications is worth paying extra for. In the end, it is the quickest company that wins in any market. At least that is the way the world seems to be going. Whoever can react most quickly to the rapidly changing needs of customers will be the winner in the end.

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