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June 9, 2006
A friend of mine was considering hosted VoIP in their office and asked for my suggestions and after I answered I realized others may have a similar question.

My view on hosting is that it works very well and has lots of important advantages. I have always been a big fan of this model and I know many companies who use hosted VoIP and love it.

The benefits are that the service allows you to pay as you grow and doesn’t require you to be stuck with equipment that may rapidly become obsolete.

If Internet service goes down you can always have calls rerouted to cell phones or the automated greeting in the service provider network can handle the calls.

The disadvantage of a hosted provider is scaling and by that I mean most of these providers don’t scale well in truly huge environments. Say 500 or more seats – really it depends on the provider. Basically if you need a huge number of seats it may be more cost effective to lease a big PBX than to host and pay for each user per month.

Another advantage of owning your own PBX is that you own it which is a great solution if you are a control freak. Be advised that SIP trunking (allows calls to be delivered to your PBX via VoIP without the need for an on premise gateway to convert analog to digital and back) is becoming more and more popular and if you believe this is good to explore for your organization then a hosted provider is probably worth considering as well.

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