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Intel and fuel costs

April 20, 2006
This morning CNBC was talking about how the higher fuel prices are affecting the earnings of Intel. They were remarking that this was pretty amazing. When you think about it higher fuel prices affect everyone unless you can pass along your entire fuel cost increase to the customer. Obviously most businesses cannot do this.

When you realize that the cost of just about everything in the world is going up we should be thankful that technologies like VoIP are making calling less expensive and companies more productive at the same time.

Look at how the cost for things like parking, taxis, hotel stays and postage have all increased over the past decade. We are lucky that at least one industry is lowering prices. Personally I wish we could apply the VoIP cost-reducing effect to caviar and Italian sports cars but I haven’t figured out how to pull this off yet. I will keep you posted on my progress ;-)

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