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September 16, 2006
There are just so many communications options for SMBs to choose from and this past week a few more came onto the scene. In a recent announcement, Mediatrix Telecom, Inc., and pbxnsip launched a new IP-based PBX (News - Alert) solution designed for the small to medium-sized (SMB) market.

SMBs “will benefit from having a single cost-effective solution that will minimize the labor and expense requirements involved in implementing separate PBX and VoIP Gateway (News - Alert) devices,” the companies explained in a press release.

You just have to call this the golden age of SMB communications as there is just so much choice out there. In fact this article shows just how happy SMBs are once they make the switch to VoIP.

So how do you choose what is the best solution for you? Look for vendors who have been doing it for a while and make sure you know what your needs are before you make a decision. Some of the most exciting developments are coming from the upstarts so don’t be afraid to look at all the players before making a decision.

If you or others in your organization travel, you may need access via WiFi phones or soft clients that run on your laptop or PDA. If you stay in one office you will likely need less features but you still will benefit from a system that makes your company look as large and as successful as possible. Of course there are always exceptions to this rule. A friend of mine owns a number of rental units and makes sure to drive a dilapidated car when he collects rent. On the weekends he has a different car that the tenants never see. So unless this is your situation, make sure to get a system that impresses your clients and makes your organization more productive.

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