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June 13, 2006
It would seem the SMB market is now getting the hang of this whole VoIP thing and they are now installing IP call centers. This article describes a study by Frost and Sullivan detailing the growth of various call centers from the largest to the smallest. Apparently the larger centers are growing more slowly.

Here is an excerpt:

Initially, small- and medium-sized contact centers were reluctant to consider adopting IP-based systems due to concerns of poor voice quality, reliability and security in addition to high costs. These organizations are beginning to understand the importance of these systems and are starting to implement them.
Vendor education programs and network readiness assessment services to ensure quality of service within converged networks and enable easy migration have led to this technological shift toward IP infrastructure. Customers have also been educated to look beyond the high costs of migration and understand the benefits of IP.

Jacobs added that IP offers clear-cut cost savings for the contact center seeking to operate in a virtual environment in which several geographically distributed sites operate as a single, centrally-administered center. IP also enables enterprise to link remote or home-based agents easily and cost effectively, thus helping these centers to overcome the scarcity of qualified and willing onshore contact center agents.

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