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SMB VoIP Grows 40% in Asia

October 17, 2006
Here is some staggering news. The voice over IP market is booming in Asia. It is really booming worldwide and in Asia, researchers have pegged its growth at a whopping 40%. Most of the SMBs surveyed in the study by AMI-Partners were from Australia, Singapore, South Korea and New Zealand.

"The long-term savings that IP telephony can achieve presents a compelling value proposition that IT managers and CIOs cannot ignore," said Cindy Sim, a Singapore-based analyst at AMI-Partners. "This becomes especially acute for companies that have multiple locations or branches within the country or abroad."

The biggest impediment to VoIP adoption in developing countries it seems is inadequate broadband networks. In the US too, VoIP adoption accelerated once broadband connectivity got up to speed. Voice is an application that really depends on a certain level of bandwidth to be transmitted effectively.

Oh and one other thing, Sim added that as a result, an increasing number of SMBs are considering the "option of a hybrid IP system" as an initial step toward Internet telephony.

More from ZDnet Asia.

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