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Vodavi/Covad News

March 23, 2006

The Vodavi/Covad news today is good for small businesses looking for budget phones that have a good amount of corporate bells and whistles. Still, there are good reasons to spend more on a phone with a color screen and integrated web browsing. But for the budget conscious small business where price can be the deciding factor, this announcement is like getting 100 free downloads with your new iPod.

Vodavi is a company I haven’t heard much from in a while but every few now and then they start to make noise via PR and marketing. I have been to their offices over the years and am happy to see they are actively embracing SIP in their phones.

By the way from a naming standpoint the company is years ahead of its time as Vodavi is short for Voice, Data, Video and the company was founded in 1983! Talk about vision.

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