Pork and Beans, Frost and Sullivan

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Pork and Beans, Frost and Sullivan

Cooking seemed a little light this weekend until I thought through everything I made. Friday was Buffalo wings with a habanero Roquefort cheese sauce and curly fries seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Saturday, I made a sausage mixture of breakfast sausage, sweet Italian sausage and various spices. The mixture was then encased in a woven mat of bacon. I baked this meatloaf like thing for 90 minutes at 350oF. As the bottom was not as crispy as I wanted I place it in a fry pan to crisp. I served slices of this with scrambled eggs and toast. I sliced the remaining and put it in the freezer. We will be having more of this over the next few months. While jerk chicken is the norm, Sunday, I grilled jerk pork chops marinated overnight in Jamaican Jerk Seasoning with pinto beans and Matouk’s Hot Pepper Sauce for dipping. The chops were juicy and very flavorful. The hot sauce has a fruity heat since it is made from Scotch bonnets, a relative of the habanero pepper. It was a tossup between the sausage wrapped in a bacon mat and the grilled jerk pork chops for the recipe of the week. The sausage roll required three cooking elements to get right; moderate heat to cook the sausage through, high heat to crisp the bacon and finally a fry pan to crisp the bottom. I can’t see many of you doing that. The jerk pork offers a nice alternative to the traditional chicken and is easy to make. So, the recipe of the week is Jerk Pork Chops. However the photo of the week is a bacon mat. Enjoy!

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