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Apple Pay Vs. Google Wallet

Replacing credit cards can likely only be done if the new system is dead-easy to use and it moreover has to be...

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Signaling Offers Great Differentiation for Mobile Value-Added Service Offerings

We’ve all heard that some Value Added Services (VAS) revenue such as Short Message Service (SMS) are starting to decline in...

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Birdstep Improves Wireless User Experience, Reduces Churn

A smartphone user can get tripped up easily when in motion as today’s smartphones look for WiFi networks to connect to and...

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Sonos BOOST, For Music in Tough to Reach Places

I’ve been using Sonos as an in-home streaming solution for many years and since it relies on WiFi it provides infinite levels...

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IOT tests do NOT tell the whole story

Service providers typically have infrastructure from multiple vendors installed in their networks.  Mostly this is by design since they don’t want...

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Notes from Connections 2014 Part Deux

More notes from BSFT Connections 2014 in the desert by friends of my at the show. These notes are from ANPI's...

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Notes from Connections 2014

Broadsoft Connections kicked off with the usual festivities yesterday including a pool party and a summer fashion show. This morning it...

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ASP (Access, Speed and Price) Defines Broadband Penetration

September 6, 2012

According the FCC’s Eighth Broadband Progress Report, 98% of Americans now have access to broadband that meets 4 Mbps down (into the home) and 1 Mbps up (into the Internet). This infers that 2% do not have such coverage, which represents over 5,000,000 people. Not surprisingly, the remaining 2% are scattered over a third of the country’s landmass. While the new rules covering the Universal Service Fund (USF) and InterCarrier Compensation (ICC) have need adopted by the FCC and those monies are intended to support the expansion of broadband to uncovered or underserved areas, the amount required to address the remaining 2% is prohibitive.

Gravy and the Blue Light Dilemma

July 16, 2012

It should have been a great weekend for cooking but I wasn’t as motivated as normal. I made breakfast for my wife each day but only cooked on Saturday. I grilled wagyu beef New York strip steaks and served them with a spring salad and fettuccini. Wagyu beef is from the same breed of cattle that produces Kobe in Japan.

Red, White and SIP

July 9, 2012

I took a few days off last week which led to me cooking more than usual. I won’t go into everything I fixed but I have to extol the virtue of slow cooked Italian gravy. There are an abundance of recipes out there and I recommend keeping it simple. I also recommend using San Marzano tomatoes and white wine to sweeten instead of red.

Gobble, Gobble, Gobbled

July 2, 2012

It was a busy and very varied weekend for food. Since I enjoy Philadelphia cheese steaks we had those for Friday dinner. Saturday was what I call a mariner’s pie versus a shepherd’s pie. Instead of lamb and few vegetables as the filling, it was crab, shrimp and lobster held together with a béchamel sauce.

Nora Ephron and IP Communications

June 27, 2012

Yesterday, director and writer Nora Ephron died after battling leukemia. You may not be familiar with her name but you probably know at least one of of her well known movies. Of interest to me, two starred Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and the third Meryl Streep as Julia Child.

In the first, Sleepless in Seattle, we are introduced to a man that has lost his wife in a very public way, the radio.

The World is Making Lemonade

June 25, 2012

This past weekend I hosted a dinner party so Friday was a simple affair of brined pork chops and roasted potatoes. However, Saturday was my first grilled or smoked dinner. It was not a BBQ or casual affair. We started with smoked salmon serve with an avocado purée, smoked fontina cheese and spicy salami, smoked cheddar cheese and roasted pork shank, and grilled vegetables seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder that were then tossed with fresh basil, tarragon, oregano and lemon juice.

Over Promise and Under Deliver

June 22, 2012

Microsoft with the announcement of Surface continues to over promise and under deliver. The Surface tablet looks very promising but in reality it is another example of marketing FUD. Microsoft should be embarrassed at announcing a product without a delivery date or price. Although, today there is activity on the web that indicates it will be priced at $599 for the RT model and $999 for the Windows 8 Pro model.

June 20, 2012

ITU says Broadband Is the Answer

The ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is an agency of the UN responsible for information and communication technologies. They allocate global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develop the technical standards that ensure interconnection of networks and technologies and work to improve IT and communications for communities worldwide. Yesterday the ITU released a letter addressed to the participants of the G20 postulating that expanding the reach of broadband and increasing its available speeds would enable the G20 economies to improve at a faster rate.

Trending, Trendy and Works

June 15, 2012

Too often we use the phrases “everyone” and “everywhere” when we mean something entirely different. We usually use such terms to denote a rapidly growing trend. For example, everyone does not have a smartphone, tablet or Facebook account. Consequently, there is still room to sell other competitive items or gain additional converts to social media.

And the Answer is...

June 13, 2012

Best-of-Breed, End-to-end, single vendor architecture and everything scape; these are the terms of the past and future which are dangled in front of businesses and carriers as the nirvana for a myriad of situations. Yesterday, during Cisco Live, CEO John Chambers spoke of an increasing trend for carriers to consider single vendor networks and architectures as the best solution. Interestingly, I thought that point had been made years ago by the original single vendor provider to carriers in North America, AT&T.

AT&T of the last century controlled most of telecommunications in North America with significant influence on the rest of the world.

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