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Chief Marketing Officer for ANPI

Why Pivot?

In business, a pivot is a strategy change (especially in Lean Startup processes). When you look at brick-and-mortar companies like RadioShack,...

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Thoughts on the Industry Right Now

All the forecasts: have any of them been accurate? Or is it just a way to sell reports? If it is,...

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Hosted PBX Sales Increasing

Blame some of it on the TDM-to-IP transition, but a lot of the reason that Hosted PBX sales are increasing is...

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Intel Buys Way into Tablets While $99 may be Microsoft Sweet Spot

Intel recently reported earnings and the takeaway is the company is going to focus more on Android and ramp up subsidies to...

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Why the Fax Isn't As Outdated As You Think

I wrote a blog about faxing a few months ago and got an overwhelming response. Got some comments via email and...

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Camera-Phone Opportunity Exists for Samsung

There exists an opportunity for a superior camera with 10x or greater zoom coupled with the traditional things we are used to...

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Tomorrow is Purchase Google Glass Day!

If you are a wearable tech fan, tomorrow is a big day as you will finally be able to (if you are...

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VoIP Peering...

February 13, 2009

I began the week looking at VoIP Peering and this will be the final entry for now on the subject.

First, Bilateral versus Multilateral peering. Large service providers prefer bilateral peering so they can maintain control over the amount of traffic that will be terminated. Moreover, it is easier for them to continue a measured/per minute billing structure.

VoIP Peering the key issues...

February 11, 2009

While it is clear to all involved that peering IP networks will improve services and decrease cost, there remain some key issues to resolve. In order to avoid transport over the PSTN, the large service providers need to participate. However, they do not want to carry voice and other IP related traffic for free. After all, it is their PSTN network that is being circumvented.

Triple play and Peering...

February 9, 2009

I spent the weekend enjoying Tex-Mex dishes. They are a guilty pleasure here in Texas. Of course, I do not go to the nearest watering hole to satiate my needs; I rather enjoy making the food at home. And, yes, I do think it is better.

IP Man...Batman?

February 6, 2009

Recently, I read that there may be a comparison between IP Man and Batman. Sure IP Man fights evil doers but he does not have the dark background of Batman. Bruce Wayne becomes Batman because of the murder of his parents. He is never sure when his efforts cross the line of fighting crime to revenge for their deaths.

Interconnect, Taxes and Innovation

February 4, 2009

Today at IT Expo, we had a Service Provider round table. It was interesting to listen to others in this space, some with a focus on enterprises and others consumer markets. While we at Broadvox often discuss issues facing our industry, I learned to appreciate a few other things today. The question driving the best discussion of the day was "What would you do if you were to be the head of the FCC?"


February 2, 2009

First of all, thanks to all of you that sent me notes regarding my mother's passing. They were greatly appreciated. The trip home was hard as her death was quite a surprise to all of us. However, the funeral was a celebration of her life.

Mom and Dad Save the World...

January 25, 2009

Not anymore. I lost my mother on Friday. It was surreal since she was not ill and exercised nearly every day. She experienced a massive heart attack during her morning walk.

You Mean It's Friday Again...

January 23, 2009

Some weeks go by so fast I find I need an extra day. This is one of those weeks.  We have more going on at Broadvox than ever before and I need more hours in the day to keep up with it. We have a good team here in our sales and marketing and I am very proud of the work they do. Many of the items we address are unprecedented since we are in a developing market, SIP Trunking.

Out with the Old and In with the New...

January 21, 2009

What a day yesterday proved to be.  I did not intend to watch the Inauguration but at 10:35 CT, I realized I was at my computer and all I needed was an internet feed. Within moments, I was watching a historic event. Try as I might, I do not perceive the new President first as a black president. Rather, I view him first as replacing the previous president.

Coming up Short...

January 19, 2009

Normally, when I go to a good restaurant, I leave wanting to make something I had there. It can be something new or a pleasant surprise altering something tried and true. However, last week I purchased beef short ribs to serve as the main entrée for a small dinner party. Now, I have never eaten short ribs so I was thinking a lot about how to prepare them.

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