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Hot, Hot, Hot

I was definitely inspired to cook this weekend. Friday, Gay, my wife asked for chicken fried steak which I made along with chicken fried chicken. Saturday, began with shrimp omelettes for breakfast with meatloaf for dinner. Given that my first...

Two OEMs, Two OSs

3CX and Digium are two of Broadvox’s largest IP PBX platforms in terms of SIP Trunking market share. I am always hesitant to mention specific IP PBX OEMs for fear of alienating another of our OEM partners. That said please...

Business is Gulping SIP

According to Infonetics Research, the SIP Trunking market in terms of revenue grew 143% in 2010. Certainly, Broadvox and its partners experienced significant growth last year and we anticipate strong revenues again this year. I am often asked about our...

What is the best IP PBX?

Now that’s a loaded question for a carrier. The most typical answer is it depends upon factors specific to your business and infrastructure. I prefer to give an answer that moves away from the specific IP PBX comparisons to the...

IP PBXs for SMBs and IT

Premise based IP PBXs offer many benefits to SMBs over hosted solutions. As this is not a discussion on hosted PBXs, I'll cover that subject a later day. The most important parameter is to purchase a system that fits...
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