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All IP, All the Time, Oracle?

Yesterday, I did something I rarely do. I forgot to write the blog and for that I apologize. As ANPI approaches the launch of its first major new product for SMBs and enterprises, I got tied up in meetings and,...

Random but Pertinent Thoughts

Ericsson leads in the world of wireless. Amazon Kindle Fire is the most sold Android tablet but sales have fallen from 4.8 million in 4Q2011 to 750,000 in 1Q2012. SBCs and ESBCs are important to the success of VoIP and...

Acme Packet is not Wily Coyote's Cup of Tea

Wily Coyote may have been purchasing from a fictitious company called "Acme". However, Broadvox's purchase of products is not from Acme but rather Acme Packet. Gary Tabachnik, VP Carrier Sales for Broadvox, and I attended an Acme Packet event...

Mashed Potatoes with where is the IP?

As usual, I ate well this weekend. I did forget to mention that two weeks ago I made my first corned beef from scratch. I found the recipe I used a bit curious in that it mentioned 3 hours...
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