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Telepresence and Video Conferencing, Growing?

When Cisco Systems purchased Tandberg, it signaled the beginning of a converged solution for video. One that combined video, voice and IP technologies into something that continued to move towards the promise of true video collaboration. Normally, this blog addresses...

Any Device, Really?

While it is clear that businesses are comfortable conceptually with Anywhere, Anytime and Anyway, Any Device or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) presents a myriad of ongoing integration issues. First, Windows is still the primary operating system for businesses worldwide...

Unified Communications Most Important Feature

The week was very busy for Broadvox and many of our partners. We were in Miami for the East Coast version of ITEXPO. The crowd was bigger, the sessions attended by larger audiences and the discussion points varied. But like...

SIP is the RAGE

Over the weekend, I received an email from a VAR with the tag line "SIP is the RAGE". Wow!  Additionally, he had read my blog. (Sometimes as I type these up, I think the only people reading this are...
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