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Standards are In

I admit a blog about original food recipes is less interesting when one is on vacation. While I enjoyed making pokÄ“ salads each day, I don’t think eight different pokÄ“ recipes using seasoned raw ahi tuna, salmon, beef and cooked...

Pancakes and a Hopping Good Time

I go into every weekend wondering what I will make that is original and be of interest to you guys. However, I, too, like to eat some things more than once and from time to time it is not...

Is Telepresence the Answer for Video Conferencing?

The acquisition of Tandberg by Cisco Systems appears to indicate that video, voice and IP technologies are finally going to converge to deliver a satisfying video conferencing solution. Assuming the technologies will mesh properly, market demand remains the only...

Success with Digium IOT

Previously I have stated that Broadvox has successfully completed interoperability testing (IOT) with more equipment manufacturers than any other ITSP. That is still true. In fact, this year's IOT list is very impressive with the addition of Avaya, Mitel,...
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