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Chief Marketing Officer for ANPI

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Heart to Heart, Food and Money

You know I have to cook on Valentine's Day, especially when it comes on a weekend. Most of you are fortunate in that going out to dinner is a favor to your spouse. My wife considers going out to...

Looking for IP Services

Clearly, the focus of Broadvox and similar ITSPs is to promote SIP Trunking or SIP termination and origination. However, there is a larger and faster growing market in the business community for simple VoIP solutions. According to In-Stat, 41%...

Who Do Those Customers Think They Are?

I will always remember when I was asked while participating on a panel during a past IT Expo if Broadvox was concerned about competing with Verizon and AT&T. I immediately answered with a confident, "No". They will, of course,...

Wash the FUD out of Your Mouth

So what dramatic thing did I do? I looked at the audience and exclaimed, "Bull____!" Okay, I was braver then and there were no children in the audience. But it worked. Now I had their attention. I pressed home...
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