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Random but Pertinent Thoughts

Ericsson leads in the world of wireless. Amazon Kindle Fire is the most sold Android tablet but sales have fallen from 4.8 million in 4Q2011 to 750,000 in 1Q2012. SBCs and ESBCs are important to the success of VoIP and...

A Game of Chicken

Some weekends it is tough to cook a dish that I can turn into a recipe. For example, my favorite dish I made on Sunday, rigatoni pasta with beef shanks. This required braising the beef shanks for three hours with...

Video Conferencing: an Arrow for the UC Quiver

Time after time analysts have incorrectly forecasted the seminal event for creating major pull for video conferencing. Earlier, this year, I indicated that the sales and growth trend for the market seems to be on the right path. Video conferencing...
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