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In the Year 2013 (Part III)

Continuing with my ten most important matters for 2013: 7.    4G Service Area Expansion – with the advent of 4G, mobility has finally reached the business professional. While the wireless carriers tend to be less than specific about how many...

Any Device, Really?

While it is clear that businesses are comfortable conceptually with Anywhere, Anytime and Anyway, Any Device or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) presents a myriad of ongoing integration issues. First, Windows is still the primary operating system for businesses worldwide...

Over Promise and Under Deliver

Microsoft with the announcement of Surface continues to over promise and under deliver. The Surface tablet looks very promising but in reality it is another example of marketing FUD. Microsoft should be embarrassed at announcing a product without a delivery...

Hot, Hot, Hot

I was definitely inspired to cook this weekend. Friday, Gay, my wife asked for chicken fried steak which I made along with chicken fried chicken. Saturday, began with shrimp omelettes for breakfast with meatloaf for dinner. Given that my first...
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