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Most IT managers find it easy to determine how much bandwidth they need for data and it is not difficult to determine the bandwidth requirement for a SIP Trunk. With the Broadvox service a SIP Trunk should have an allocation...

Don't Clam UP about CCS

I was on the road most of last week and the food was mediocre at best. I was quite anxious to eat some of my own cooking this weekend. Friday was a chopped brisket with coleslaw sandwich. The brisket...

Heart to Heart, Food and Money

You know I have to cook on Valentine's Day, especially when it comes on a weekend. Most of you are fortunate in that going out to dinner is a favor to your spouse. My wife considers going out to...

An all IP Future?

Is there really a question about the future of telecommunications? Over the last thirty years, I have participated in the development of the Intelligent Network Architecture that brought us Service Control Points and out of band signaling (SS7), Cellular...

What the Heck is a SIP Trunk?

No...this is not going to be SIP Trunking 101. I think most of you out there know what a SIP Trunk is. However, have you considered that most of the people we are selling them to have no clue....
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