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Lump Crab and Data

Lump Crab and Data The weekend began with some great apple smoked ribs, fettuccini with chicken and a creamy Dijon mustard sauce and finally Indian food (goat curry, lamb curry, vegetable curry, rice pilaf, and naan). Everything was very good....

Defeat the Power FUD

Selling SIP Trunking to SMBs and Enterprises involves three basic value propositions: ยท         Transitioning to SIP will save you a lot of money. How much varies but for most businesses regardless of size, the savings will range from 30-70%....

Beating FUD with MOS

My interest in the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) increased when a Verizon spokes person in 2008 stated that their VoIP product was not as good as their TDM or traditional voice product. The comment came as result of questioning...
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