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Changing the World is not Easy

Earlier this week I read someone's comments regarding the new Google Voice free service. The essence of the article was that this free service was going to change the way telecommunications is delivered and sold in the US, and,...

The IP Community Needs a Little Privacy

The IP Community Needs a Little Privacy Perhaps, I have written about this before but after discovering the FCC broadband test site, I needed to blog on this again. Historically, we have always known that sending information over the...

What will be the Buzz?

I am attending IT Expo in Miami this week and participating in three panel discussions. I know mostly what I will be talking about but I wonder what will be the leading topics of the show. Last year Nortel,...

The Top 5 Most Ridiculous Things I Have Ever Heard

I have been in telecommunications for nearly thirty years and it seems that every year I hear yet another ridiculous forecast regarding future behavior or technology. It seems we can always find a way to overstate or overhype just...
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