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Over Promise and Under Deliver

Microsoft with the announcement of Surface continues to over promise and under deliver. The Surface tablet looks very promising but in reality it is another example of marketing FUD. Microsoft should be embarrassed at announcing a product without a delivery...

Have a COW, Man!

This is my favorite time of year in Dallas with the fall second. The reason is simple. Sunny weather and we can be outside to enjoy it. Summer in Texas can be brutal with 100 degree days quite common. Anyway,...

The Invention of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs changed the way we view computers and technology. Since his resignation I have heard him compared to Michelangelo, Edison and Ford. The accolades seem to increase in volume and intensity with each passing day. At first, I readily...

Napoleonic Dreams

Finding a title for today’s blog was more difficult than usual. That stems mostly from my choice of recipe of the week. I hope you don’t think it unbecoming of a foodie due to its simplicity. Naturally, the weekend was...
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