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Free Speech versus an Open Internet

Most Americans are fervent defenders of the First Amendment right of free speech. The definition of Freedom of Speech has been modified over the years to be both more expansive and in some cases restricted. However, it has persevered and...

Business Ready VoIP: Cable vs. Wireline

I have been down on cable for months as a “business ready” connection. The fluctuating quality of cable services and the lack of predictability of the upload and downloads speeds made using a cable service for business very risky. That’s...

From SNL to the Senate, the Honorable Al Franken

I was not one of those that felt Ronald Reagan did not have the stuff to be President of the United States. He was older than I and “Bed Time for Bonzo” was not on my must watch list. Even...

The FCC Capitulates on Network Neutrality

As expected the FCC issued new rules to secure an open internet. They are summarized as follows: 1.       Internet service providers (ISPs) must provide services in a transparent manner by disclosing their network management practices and performance characteristics. 2.       ISPs...

Net Neutrality Rebuked During Tuesday's Election

It doesn’t take long for the spin machines to get up to speed. In perhaps one of the weirdest statements of fact, it was noted that all of the Democrats that supported a net neutrality pledge sponsored by the Progressive...
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