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On with RTIME

Last week I attended and spoke at IT Expo in Miami. This week I am attending my first national rural telecom event, Rural Telecom Industry Meeting and Expo (RTIME). What distinguishes this event is focus on the issues of rural...

In the Year 2013 (Part II)

Again, my top ten things to monitor or be aware of this year are in no particular order. Each is important to the industry in addressing a required standard, regulatory issue or technology trend. So, let’s continue with item 4....

In the Year 2013

Although it is common to look back on the previous year for highs and lows, I decided to look forward to the top 10 things to monitor in 2013. The order is not of any particular importance but the ten...

RLECs ask to join the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

The rules changes imposed by the FCC have caused a great deal of consternation for many RLECs. With the amount of funding or investment recovery uncertain, RLECs have begun to batten down the hatches and reduce their infrastructure spending and...
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