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June 2009

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Letter: SIP has long been oversold

June 26, 2009

We welcome and encourage reader response to stories and commentary in our magazines and on our sites. Here is a letter received from Paul E. Jones Chair, H.323 and H.325 Experts' Groups, regarding a recent article on SIP

Editor, Customer Interaction Solutions

I felt compelled to comment on the second page of your most recent article: S(L)Ipping IP Into The Contact Center (May 2009) http://flq.us/uZ
"[SIP] is gradually displacing H.323, which is an older protocol used to deliver voice over an IP network.

* They are the same age
* H.323 was designed for videoconferencing and multimedia, not "voice"
"SIP has several advantages over H.323, including scalability, ease of integration, and ease of management."

* Scalability is debatable, as we can build a massively scalable H.323 network, and we have

* "Ease of integration"...with what?  Perhaps it might be easier to integrate a half-baked SIP solution with another half-baked solution? 

Tougher Actions To Save Telemarketing

June 16, 2009

Here we go again...another gang of skels abusing telemarketing and robocalling i.e. automated dialers calling to connive money out of consumers including those with cell numbers and who have gone to the trouble to place their numbers on Do Not Call lists (DNC).
As reported June 12 on TMCnet The Better Business Bureau reports that American and Canadian consumers have been sounding off to the organization in both countries and on the U.S. side to U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) about incessant automated telemarketing calls promising to lower interest rates on their credit cards. 

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