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September 2009

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Creating the Ultimate Tablet PC

September 30, 2009

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So Apple is going to re-invent the Newton to create the ultimate tablet with the return of Michael Tchao? That's the big rumor...

I hope so. None of the current devices really cut it for serious to use the rock band Tubes song title: "keyboard kids." Take it from this longtime (yeah 20+ years) heavy duty portable computing device user: Apple should borrow/swipe/steal as much as it could from Kyocera i.e.

Avaya 's Act To Keep The Nortel Deal?

September 25, 2009

Sticking your head into the mouth of a lion is usually not recommended unless you've conjured a way to make it appear that your life is really in danger...like putting easily-removed false teeth into the feline or other such tricks.

Why else would Avaya--a very smart company--ask Canada's minority Conservative government to have its $915 million purchase of Nortel reviewed, as reported by TMCnet, unless it is very confident of the outcome?

Here is the wording from yesterday's announcement:

OTTAWA, Ontario, September 24, 2009 -- Today, the Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, issued the following statement regarding the acquisition of Nortel Networks Corporation's Enterprise Solutions Division by Avaya Inc.:

"Avaya filed an application for review under the Investment Canada Act (ICA) of its proposed acquisition of Nortel's Enterprise Solutions Division...."


Here's another strange dimension to this deal: no release of the enterprise division's book value compared with the $149 million for the wireless units. Why hasn't this figure made the light of day?

Nortel's Poisoned Chalice?

September 16, 2009

When you're on your way out, in more ways than one, and you want to wreak revenge on those you truly despise you leave them a poisoned chalice, one fortified with nutrients but laced with a cocktail of deadly agents, one that they have little choice to drink.

For a disgruntled employee that can be the computer virus from Hades. For a head of household that can include a business or property that the heirs can ill-afford to manage. For a political kingpin that can be scandals that will be unearthed, forever embroiling and tainting the new chiefs and their rivals when the old boss is put to earth.

Nortel's Pending Demise Reminder Why Open Source (And Hosting) Is Way To Go

September 9, 2009

Last week at IT EXPO West I had the privilege of moderating an excellent session on open source, Leveraging Open Source for Contact Center ROI, with Steve Kaiser from OrecX, Corey McFadden of Infradapt, and Vijesh Mehta of CallFire.

In the discussion of why open source came one excellent benefit: security against the product being phased out and/or the supplier going out of business. With open source you have access to the software kernel--it isn't proprietary--so you can continue to support, adapt, and grow the application to meet your needs regardless of vendor.

The impending demise of Nortel's enterprise division--which it will be unless it is won at the ironically dated/located September 11 auction in New York City by a bidder that is willing to keep it as an independent corporate entity, and that appears unlikely---is a stark reminder of that open source virtue.

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