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February 2010

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More Reasons Why Traditional Contact Centers Are Doomed

February 23, 2010

I've been covering and working in this industry for over 14 years yet I've always thought the notion of contact centers, especially inbound first level ones kind of strange, as if they were a transitional means until the technologies and practices caught up with consumer and business demands for sales and service.

This is beginning to happen, which will doom traditional contact centers. If I were in the business of making contact center decisions I'd not approve any money to expand existing sites, or buy outsourcing services located in on-premises locations. Instead I would put the money into automated voice and web solutions, home agents and presence.

Not Serving Obnoxious Customers

February 10, 2010

At the risk of disloyalty to my 'home and native land' i.e. Canada; I tolerate Tim Horton's coffee. I'll drink it if I'm on the road, need a jolt and there isn't anything else i.e. Starbucks reasonably available.

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