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April 2010

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Can Outsourcers Bring Social Media Home?

April 21, 2010

Outsourcing firms, especially those in the contact center space have to be that one-half-step ahead of their clientele, which tends to be fairly conservative, but which expects their suppliers to be on top of trends. 

Yet this is a tail-perched-on-the-picket-fence situation because outsourcing is a notoriously highly-competitive thin-margin business and outsourcers have little spare cash. This means technology investments must have strong and immediate ROIs, yet these suppliers must find the money to have the tools to meet clients' needs.

And that sharp point is about to become even more uncomfortable with the rise of social media.

Peter Ryan, Lead Analyst - BPO and Contact Center Outsourcing & Services, Ovum says that means they need to be on top of social media for their clients. In a recent Ovum Straight Talk Daily he points out, and correctly, that social media has "has gone beyond the point of fad, with more users than ever signing up for membership on one or more platforms supporting these activities." 

Ryan says Twitter now accounts for more than 100 million people as subscribers, and claims to be adding over 300,000 per day.

Don't Start Bulldozers Yet On Contact Center Expansion

April 12, 2010

Last month Noble Systems came out with a survey that it had commissioned which revealed that 97 percent of respondents expect their businesses to grow or remain stable in 2010, a sign, it says "of strong confidence in the industry." According to the survey, 48 percent expected that their business would grow in 2010 while 49 percent believed it would remain consistent. Only three percent anticipated a revenue reduction for the year.

"The survey confirms something we've known for years: the contact center industry is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing sectors in the U.S. economy," said James K. Noble, President and CEO of Noble Systems.

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