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November 2010

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To Improve Quality and Profits Get Rid of "HR"

November 30, 2010

One of the numbers in the combination that unlocks the door to customers and their spending—the others include effective marketing and supplying the right products at the right price--is the hiring, retaining and properly managing problem-solving-empowered top quality contact center agents and supervisors.

No secret there. Bright, helpful, results-oriented motivated individuals generate superior performance both in higher profits and lower costs. Yet how come so few firms do this?

Before Making Your Contact Center Wish List...

November 16, 2010

This is the season where individuals—and organizations such as contact centers—make their wish lists. Yet with budgets both household and corporate limited there is no allowance—or tolerance—for unused or misused items; the penalties include reprimands and threats to cut back on how much is given next year.

Therefore it is essential that the items that go on the lists reflect critical and provable needs for which there are no on-hand or lower-cost substitutes. There must also be evidence that indicate these investments will be used and benefits quickly realized.

Remembering and Honoring Our Veterans, And Those Who Serve

November 11, 2010

Remember and honor those who have fought and who are fighting, and have sacrificed and are being asked to sacrifice, for the freedoms we enjoy.

Respect these individuals: our family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances who are in the uniformed services by enabling them to receive the best quality of care they need should they need it; and open the door to top-ranked employment and educational opportunities should they wish to seek it after serving our nation.

Exercise the command that these men and women have given us by protecting our democracy by ordering and remembering to order our elected officials to consider every fact and analysis of these facts before committing their ranks to action…for there is no surer way than that to salute their bravery by making every move possible to make sure that their losses have not been in vain.

Lest we forget…

Dismantling Obamacare Will Hurt Contact Center Employees, Businesses and The Economy

November 5, 2010

The new GOP-controlled House should take a second look at their promises to roll back the healthcare reforms initiated and pushed by U.S. President Barack Obama and passed by the last Congress. Why? Because such moves may end up hurting individuals, businesses (like contact centers) and the economy--contrary to these elected officials' claims that dismantling “Obamacare” will "help".

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