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Ancient History: CTI, Dialers

February 15, 2006

I'm looking through old issues of Telemarketing magazine, which some of you may know is the old name of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, to discover information about an old program we used to run. I'm having an excellent blast from the past...even though the issues I'm looking through are only from 1993 and 1994, which doesn't seem very long ago, technology-wise it might as well be the Stone Age.

One article boasts about the cutting-edge benefits of CTI (computer-telephony integration), which actually allowed you to see customer records simultaneously with the phone call! (Seems very low-tech now, doesn't it?) Also, another article crows about the virtues of auto-dialing, which at the time was so helpful in replacing "existing technology." What was the "existing technology"? Reading a phone number off a sheet of paper and manualling dialing the phone with one's fingers. I'm thinking of submitting the issue to a museum!


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