AT&T CallVantage Covers Its Assets

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AT&T CallVantage Covers Its Assets

Got this e-mail (below) from AT&T CallVantage this morning, according to FCC rules. Some high-profile incidents involving Vonage service necessitated well-publicized incident that resulted in a child's death because the mother had to stop CPR to run to a neighbor's house to dial 911...


It is important to understand that there are some critical differences between your 911 service with AT&T CallVantage and the 911 service that accompanies traditional wireline phone service. AT&T always recommends that you have an alternate means of accessing 911 from your home or travel locations via a traditional phone line or wireless phone. There are certain circumstances in which you will not be able to use 911 service, including, but not limited to, the following:

You will NOT be able to dial 911 IF:

  • Your broadband connection is down, or
  • Your electrical power is out, or
  • You move your Telephone Adapter to a location where 911 service has not been deployed for the traditional wireline network.

The physical location from which you are dialing 911 needs to match the address of record for your service. The 911 operator will use the service address of record as the dispatch address. If you do not provide us with an accurate service address, AT&T reserves the right to disconnect your service. If you move your Telephone Adaptor, you must update your service address on record with AT&T CallVantage Service via your Account Management and Setting web page or by calling 1-866-596-8464. An address update can take up to three business days to become effective in the system. Additionally, E-911 service may not be available at other locations to which you request to move your Telephone Adaptor.

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