Home working, customer care insights from ITEXPO West

While managing the SIP in the Contact Center Certification track at ITEXPO West yesterday I came across two excellent insights courtesy of the speakers and the attendees.

In a discussion following TDI CTO Mark Moore's session on enabling home-based agents arose the issue of how to manage bandwidth at home agents' premises, what with everyone else in the household tapping into wireless networks unbeknownst to the agents.

The concern is to make sure the demand on the pipe at home is not constricted to the point where agents cannot access applications they need. This can be an issue in many households, especially with teenagers...one that I will be looking into...and reporting back on.

I don't have that problem in my household as the cable feed, base set phones (we have IP for residential too as well as for my work) the wireless hub are in my office, and I know exactly how many devices are on it. It helps that my peak usage times (daytime) are not the same as other users: my wife and a tenant, both of whom are full-time students at a local college.

Bandwidth may be a major issue in whether the cable companies in particular, are keeping up their investments in the pipes with demand. That's the issue I have where I live. That too I'll be reviewing...

The second insight is from Brian Spencer, president of Oaisys. He made a very good point in that you don't have to be live with customers to give excellent customer service. That it is OK to look into matters and get back to them, and in doing so reviewing call recordings to make sure that every issue customers raised and the importance they have given to them by language and tone of voice are followed up on.

This too will be followed up on in future articles.

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