B-to-B Telemarketing

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B-to-B Telemarketing

I often get questions about outbound telemarketing calls to places of business, and how companies can stop them. (Here's a piece from the Raleigh News & Observer on the topic.) The answer is, you probably can't, unless you ask each solicitor to list you on their internal do-not-call list. The Federal Do-Not-Call Registry is for personal, home phone numbers, not places of business.

Many companies hesitate to put their business numbers on any do-not-call lists, mindful of the fact that it could affect legitimate incoming business calls. They have a point: business-to-business direct marketing/telemarketing is a legitimate and effective method of conducting business.

There's no excuse, however, for companies targeting individuals where they work with non-business-related calls in a simple attempt to circumvent the law and missed opportunities from being able to call people at home.


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