Call Center Confusion For Medicare

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Call Center Confusion For Medicare

CRM, salesforce automation, knowledge management and quality management all exist for a very good reason: to avoid creating nightmare scenarios like the one the U.S. government and the call centers it has contracted have made over the Medicare Plan D.

This article reveals that calls to different call centers about the Medicare Plan will garner radically different and conflicting responses, and not a single call center tested has been able to offer correct answers much more than half of the time.

No wonder today's seniors are confused over the Medicare Plan. It's hard not to become confused when you aren't starting with the correct information to begin with.

Below is the official U.S. government Web site for information about Medicare Plan D. Let's hope it's a tad more accurate than the call centers covering the issue.


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I think you are right, Bill. People tend to be superficial and I do not figure out could they generate conflict responses. The call center I use never caused me problems and as far as I know there is a slight possibility of mistakes if they are serious, at least here, in UK.

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