Call Center Space Availabilities

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Call Center Space Availabilities

Looking for ready-made call center space in the U.S. or abroad? It might be your lucky day. The Site Selection Group ( keeps track of vacated/available/ready for sub-lease contact center space and is reporting the following to be available:

Addison, Texas: 137,992 sq. ft.
Workstations: 600 expandable to 1,000

Austin, TX: 92, 633 sq. ft.
Workstations: 605

Salina, KS: 44,876 sq. ft.
Workstations: 250 expandable

Clarksville, TN: 52,000 sq. ft.
Workstations: Estimated 500

Tucson, AZ: 27, 255 sq. ft.
Workstations: 200 to 250

Hawkesbury, Ontario: 41,019 sq. ft.
Workstations: 420

Manila, Philippines: 366 workstations

For more info, contact The Site Selection Group directly at 214-271-0580.

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