Cooperating Contact Centers To Cut Costs, Keep Staff Productive (and Employed)

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Cooperating Contact Centers To Cut Costs, Keep Staff Productive (and Employed)

Here is one way to cut costs, increase utilization, and in doing so keeping contact center teams employed in these tough times and that is to seek cooperation with other similar operations and either share capacity or go into together on a joint center (s). That will save scarce resources that can be better deployed elsewhere and enable cost-reducing economies of scale.

There are few reasons why for example charities, colleges and universities, healthcare organizations, legal and medical professionals, and businesses with strictly local market bases such gas, electric, and water utilities, retailers in buying groups can't get together this way. After all they are not competing with each other.

Along the same route, if your organization is an enterprise, why not donate any spare capacity to small locally-based charity or fundraising campaign, tax laws permitting. Yes, this may take money from some teleservices firms, though the candidate beneficiaries are unlikely to be substantial enough to afford paid telemarketing.

On the other hand it may mean that more resources will go to the sadly growing lines of those truly in need. It may also enable you to prevent having some of your staff join those ranks by keeping them productive and their skills honed, until the economy turns around. Lastly it makes you and your teams feel good by assisting others by giving what you can offer in deeds, expressed in words.

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