Federal And State Teleservices Legislation Update

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Federal And State Teleservices Legislation Update

Next Tuesday, April 26th, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is hosting a teleseminar on "Federal And State Teleservices Legislation Update." The event is to be moderated by Robert Borders, president of The TM Group, and speakers are slated to be Dan Smith and Anne Darr of DeHart and Darr Associates Inc. and Joan Mullen of of ORC ProTel, Inc.

Those wanting to register can do so at http://www.the-dma.org/cgi/mtdsp?meeting=CTE0905.

Why is it so important to attend sessions of this nature regularly? Because compliance in teleservices is like aiming at a moving target. If your aim is where it should have been a year ago, chances are it's misaligned today. Though news has been fairly calm as of late, rest assured that the rules haven't gone away: companies have been fined, and fined heavily in the previous year.

If you "think" you're in compliance, think again.


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