On-Line Technologies Releases Call Center Solution

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On-Line Technologies Releases Call Center Solution

Today I received a news release from On-Line Technologies about their new call center software solution. The release is posted on TMCnet at:

Portland, Maine, Company Launches New Call Center Software Product

This release had some added value and interest for me, as it included this screen shot of the user interface:

One of my complaints about software marketing is that many companies don't make sufficient effort to show you what the user experience is like.

Some people would wonder why this is so important -- if that's their frame of mind, their business could be in trouble.

On the other hand, some people would be astonished that a company would try to sell a product without letting the customer know what it is like to use it. But believe me, this element is indeed missing from marketing materials from many companies.

AB -- 2/16/05

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