Product Release Timing

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Product Release Timing

To tech editors, mid-to-late February becomes fodder for a horror movie. The phone never stops ringing, the e-mails pour in, and the briefing requests come in faster than our Outlook calendars (or editors' brains) can handle them.

Contrast this to mid-January: this is a time when tech editors are desperately writing up and posting any news, no matter how slight ("CRM Software Provider Moves Location Of 'Open Here' Instructions On Product Packaging!") out of sheer desperation. Why is the news so slow then? Because no one is announcing any new products. They're preparing for the stampede of mid-February. Or late August/early September.

I'm not sure why there are no tech companies that have figured out that if they release products at "off" times (i.e., not in February and not in September), they'll have far more attention paid to their launches. It's like choosing to take your vacation in April or November, instead of during the summertime like every other vacationer on the planet ,and finding that you have tourist attractions to yourself, prices are low, availabilities are wide open and service levels are high.

When your company is one of 72 in your industry announcing a new product or product update between February 12th and 28th, you are merely a voice at the back of the room that adds to the cacophony. Choose to launch the second week in January, early December or in July, and you'll have our undivided attention and neverending appreciation.

Something to think about.


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