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Sendia Improves Wireless Delivery Of

Wireless platform company Sendia announced today its release of Wireless SFA 2.0, the company's product that allows for the use of the enormously popular on handheld devices such as the BlackBerry and Treo smartphones. Version 2.0 was built with deeper integration between the contacts on the various devices and's contacts, allowing more seamless instant messaging and e-mailing to contacts stored in both places. The company also polished the way the sales activity alerts are delivered, allowing for more customization for different users. Release is below.



SANTA MONICA, Calif, April 5, 2005 — Sendia Corporation, a leading wireless business application platform company, announced today the availability of Wireless SFA 2.0 for  Wireless SFA 2.0 takes a leap forward, adding unprecedented functionality that continues to raise the productivity level of users while working away from their desks.  Wireless SFA 2.0 introduces significant new features over its 1.0 predecessor, including deeper integration of Mobile PIM and e-mail, sales activity alerts, and advanced pipeline reporting.

 As with its prior version, Wireless SFA 2.0 provides subscribers with the power to wirelessly access and edit their data through popular handheld devices such as Research In Motion’s® BlackBerry™ and palmOne’s™ Treo 600 and 650 smartphones.

“For the past three years, our field reps have asked for a wireless SFA handheld solution that would finally let them leave their laptops at home,” said Michael Markham, IT Architect for Pharmion.  “We looked at other wireless SFA solutions and dismissed them, mostly because they were slow and didn’t live up to the promise.  Then we tried Sendia’s Wireless SFA 2.0 and were impressed by how responsive and solid it was – not only did the screens load instantly, but the over-the-air device control from the management console provided the key piece that other solutions were missing.”

“As the market leader in on-demand CRM, we are continually looking for complementary technology that helps our customers use more effectively. That is especially true of wireless access, which our customers consider increasingly essential to their productivity,” said Antoine Blondeau, vice president of the Wireless Products Division for  “Sendia provides compelling value by leveraging our sForce integration platform to deliver the next generation of wireless access to”

“Our goal with Wireless SFA has always been to build on the tremendous value of the core application by harnessing its power and flexibility in a wireless solution,” said Andy DeMari, president and CEO of Sendia Corporation.  “The new features of our Wireless SFA 2.0 — automatic call logging, PIM integration and sales alerts — combine to provide subscribers with an enterprise-grade solution that will let them improve their efficiency, reduce their costs and drive their sales revenue.”

Raising Productivity Levels Wireless SFA 2.0 offers subscribers wireless access to relevant, timely information in an easy-to-use, reliable handheld solution.  With one-click logging of inbound and outbound e-mail to and from customer contacts, 2.0 further reduces the steps required to log a customer interaction into so users in motion can capture critical information in less time than before.  The enhanced application also offers automatic scheduling of follow-up tasks, speeding workflow and improving the quality of data that is logged into

For BlackBerry users, Wireless SFA 2.0 provides deeper integration with the RIM Address Book.  Users can now send messages to recipients drawn from Contacts and Leads as well as from the RIM address book, all in the same e-mail.  Additionally, users can now easily share contact information between enterprise messaging environments such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or Novell Groupwise and, right from their mobile device.  This significantly reduces the steps a mobile user has to go through in managing profiles for customers and prospects.

The new release also includes instant sales activity alerts, which relieve users from the burdensome task of manually checking for changes.  This allows users to remain focused on selling with the assurance that they will be automatically notified of any new leads, any changes made to their opportunity record by others, and any calendar events or tasks that are about to come due.  All alerts are fully configurable according to the mobile user’s work style preferences (e.g. pop-ups and/or tune signals).

The new Pipeline Reporting feature in Wireless SFA 2.0 gives a user full visibility into his or her opportunity pipeline at all times. Users may summarize their own opportunities or the opportunities of their sales team for given sales reporting periods, keeping up to the minute vigilance of sales progress.

Additional enhancements include Lead to Opportunity conversion, assignment of Leads and Tasks to other users, searches based on record ownership, streamlined mass user deployments, and many other enhancements.

Finally, the Wireless SFA 2.0 application runs on Sendia’s Wireless WorkSpace. Wireless WorkSpace is the underlying architecture that provides Wireless SFA users with a highly productive on or offline experience on the wireless handheld. The reliability, manageability and security offered by Wireless WorkSpace, coupled with its superior offline usage model, ensure that users, IT administrators and executive management are all able to derive unique value based on their roles and information requirements.

Wireless SFA 2.0 is currently available from Sendia Corporation.  Call 1-877-SENDIA-1 or send e-mail to for more information.

About SForceThe Wireless SFA 2.0 product integration is made possible through Sforce,’s client/service integration platform.  Today, a variety of systems and platforms, including enterprise applications, desktop solutions, mobile devices and IP phone systems integrate with and via the sforce Web service API, making key business information available to users from all of their favorite applications and tools. 

The Sforce client/service integration platform allows solution developers to customize, integrate and extend to create sophisticated custom CRM solutions. In contrast to traditional packaged software, Sforce allows developers to use the tools they already know and love from IBM, BEA (NASDAQ: BEAS), Borland (NASDAQ: BORL) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), and open source solutions like Perl and PHP, to build CRM integrations and applications with record speed and success. Leveraging standards and technologies from the Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Sforce continues to demonstrate how on-demand platforms are a central part of the new enterprise IT strategies. Free access to the Sforce community, as well as more information on the Sforce Developer Program, is available at

About is the market and technology leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM). Through its award-winning family of products including Salesforce ( and Supportforce (, the company provides a comprehensive suite of CRM applications to help enterprises of all sizes, industries and geographies meet the complex challenge of sharing and managing information on-demand. Salesforce and Supportforce are built on the Sforce client/service integration platform and include the Customforce tool for complete on-demand customization.  Sforce ( and Customforce ( allow customers and independent software vendors to customize and integrate’s products, as well as build their own on-demand enterprise applications. As of January 31, 2005, manages customer information for approximately 13,900 customers and approximately 227,000 paying subscribers including Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), America Online (AOL), Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Avis/Budget Rent A Car (Cendant Rental Car Group), Dow Jones Newswires, Nokia, Polycom and SunTrust Banks. has headquarters in San Francisco, with offices in Europe and Asia, and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "CRM". For more information please visit, or call 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE.

About Sendia Sendia Corporation develops and markets software that extends existing enterprise applications to wireless handheld devices such as the RIM® BlackBerry™ and palmOne Treo™.  Sendia's mission is to make wireless work flawlessly for the business user.  The company's Wireless WorkSpace technology provides third-party developers with the tools they need to extend the core functionality of virtually any business application to the handheld.  Sendia's advanced mobile application server, centralized management system, development studio, and device-side smart-client enable rapid development, deployment and management of secure wireless applications fully integrated into business back office systems.

Sendia has focused on driving user adoption in the CRM/SFA space, building strong partnerships and OEM relationships with leading vendors such as Siebel, PeopleSoft and  Available in hosted and on-premises editions, Sendia-powered applications are fast, easy to use, and reliable wireless solutions that customers trust to get the job done.

 To learn more about Sendia's technology and wireless products, visit the company's website at  With Sendia, wireless works.

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