Staying Current With Compliance

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Staying Current With Compliance

Compliance is a tricky thing: you do your homework to find the most effective solution for following the scads of federal and state legislation, you implement the solution and then you hope for the best. Call Compliance and TPG TeleManagement have joined forces and created a new audit service, Compliance Testing & Solutions, LLC (CTS). CTS has been created especially for teleservices companies, which bear perhaps the greatest compliance burden in b-to-c business.

The new service offers a kind of third-party verification and covers the compliance gamut: do-not-call lists of all kinds, dialing restrictions/legislation, billing requirements, and internal compliance procedures.


Call Compliance, Inc. and TPG TeleManagement, Inc. Team to Provide
Compliance Audit Service for Teleservices Industry

Call Compliance, Inc., patent holder of the TeleBlock solution and provider of do-not-call compliance services, and TPG TeleManagement, Inc., a provider of quality and performance management services and software for the teleservices industry, announced today the creation of a new audit service aimed at helping companies that use teleservices solve the compliance puzzle.

The new company, Compliance Testing & Solutions, LLC (CTS), was formed with the special concerns of the teleservices professional in mind. "This is about leveraging the collective expertise of two industry leaders in order to help companies that use the teleservices channel," said John Glantz, President of TPG Telemanagement. "Separately, our companies are the best in our respective areas, but together, we have been able to develop the program, and deploy the resources, that will enable our clients to take compliance to the next level," he continued.

CTS, which has already been engaged by its first client, has developed a unique compliance audit program covering all the essential elements of today's complex calling operations, including Do Not Call, predictive dialer usage, billing requirements, and internal compliance procedures. The CTS program encompasses on-site audits, detailed questionnaires, procedure and script analysis, as well as review and analysis of calling data.
"The CTS service will deploy detailed audit plans and data analysis to review our clients' inbound and outbound calling activity, technologies and procedures," said Joseph Sanscrainte, General Counsel for CTS. "The key for compliance in 2005 and beyond is third-party verification, and that's exactly what CTS provides," continued Mr. Sanscrainte.

About Compliance Testing & Solutions, LLC
Formed as a joint venture between Call Compliance, Inc. and TPG TeleManagement, Inc., Compliance Testing & Solutions, LLC (CTS) is your first line of defense against investigations and fines for telemarketing related infractions. CTS' team of seasoned professionals will review all of your procedures, from the ground floor up, and let you know whether you're in compliance with the complex set of state and federal telemarketing rules. For further information, call 866-556-8858.

About Call Compliance, Inc.
Call Compliance, Inc. (, a privately held company located in Glen Cove, NY, is the leader in developing innovative technological compliance solutions for the teleservices industry. Call Compliance's flagship product, TeleBlock, is recognized across the teleservices spectrum as the gold-standard in ensuring the 100 percent level of compliance mandated under State and Federal Do Not Call laws. For further information, call 888-674-6774.

About TPG TeleManagement, Inc.
TPG TeleManagement, Inc. (, is the industry's leading provider of quality and performance management services and software. TPG's innovative technology and talented professionals bring a new perspective to quality management. Whether it's our use of standard deviation to measure calibration, or our proven correlations between our SEL System Quality Metrics and channel results, TPG constantly strives to develop new techniques and methodologies to lead the quality management industry. For further information, call (215)369-0500.

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