The ATA Position On Do-Not-Call

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The ATA Position On Do-Not-Call

You may have read that his week, Congress addressed two bills, H.R. 2601 and H. R. 3541, which will affect the future of the federal Do-No-Call Registry.  Currently, there are approximately 150 million people who have listed their phone numbers on the DNC Registry, and there has been a large political effort to ensure that consumer’s information will not be purged from this list.

The American Teleservices Association (ATA) came out this week in support of making the list, which was supposed to have been purged and "rebuilt" after five years to ensure list accuracy, permanent.

ATA CEO Tim Searcy said, "We are in support of a permanent Registry, but would like the assurance that it is being appropriately updated.  We would encourage the FTC or Congress to require phone companies to provide a record of all disconnected numbers so they can be removed from the DNC – making the list more accurate.”  Searcy continued, “Until that happens, we support the extension of the current list.”


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